Tiny Homes

Big Dreams


HOPE Village

The Inspiration….

In 2018, this tiny house village in Easley, SC came to our attention. It seemed to be the answer we had been looking for to offer hope to women and children for dignified, long-term transitional housing. The Dream Center was just that for us, the inspiration for what we might create in the Pee Dee. They welcomed our visits and questions on multiple occasions, and offered us their experience. This is where it all started, the inspiration.

The Dream…..

After the many visits to the upstate, we began to take baby steps forward. We talked to the city planners to see if our property was a candidate for re-zoning. We had site plans drawn up and had the entire project put out for bid. A tiny “model home” was built and finally September of 2020 we broke ground. While it might seem like tiny houses have sprung from nowhere, this has been a long time coming. Prayerful support from many in this community has taken this project from dream to reality. 

Hope Village Campus

A recovery program out of homelessness.

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Close up view of the houses

We continue to update the campus daily.

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A Look Inside

This is the inside of one of our houses.

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The Walk Through

A virtual tour inside a tiny home.

The Reality!

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In June of 2022 we welcomed our first guest! A single mom and her baby.  Our dream has become a reality. More guests have followed and begun their metamorphosis.  What is this program? This is long-term housing, for up to 24 months. Offering women the opportunity to get the training necessary to support themselves and their families away from these tiny houses.
This is not their forever home, it is a stepping stone to their independence. Not only do we change the trajectory of their lives, but the lives of their children. When all 24 houses are complete, these homes will also offer our graduates from the men’s home the opportunity to have a place to go for additional assistance before complete independence into the “real world” We couldn’t have done this without the Florence community’s prayers and financial support.

If you or someone you know are homeless, our shelter is located at 1020 W Darlington St.  Florence, South Carolina 29501.
Our number is (843) 667-9000

The Time Lapse Build!